Cambridge Hypnotherapist Juliet Emerson

At the Cambridge Hypnotherapy Clinic, Juliet treats a wide range of emotional, habitual or psychological problems using hypnotherapy or counselling. As a professional and very experienced hypnotherapist for over 7 years, Juliet guarantees to offer you high quality care, expertise and support.

Hypnotherapy is exceptionally good at ridding people of many fears, anxieties, phobias, depression and other disorders. Because hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of problems it is an extemely effective form of therapy. It is also an extremely rewarding job because it helps so many people to feel enormously better. It really does change people’s lives.

Hypnotherapy Training

In 1999, Juliet trained as a hypnotherapist and became a member of the International Association of Hypnoanalysts. Juliet now has an advanced diploma and has served as a member of the Association’s Council of Management.

Applications of Hypnotherapy

Juliet also offers therapy to people suffering from cancer, using hypnotherapy to boost the immune system and help promote emotional and physical recovery. An increasing number of people consult her for relaxation in pregnancy and childbirth and for help while undergoing IVF. Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is incredibly successful. It only takes one session and is an extremely simple and enjoyable process.

June 2017, and a gentler, easier start for mother and baby with help through hypnobirthing with Juliet.

Juliet finds teaching and training very rewarding and over the last fifteen years has run workshops at Homerton College, and the School of Education at Cambridge University, at Bedford University at schools and in similar settings in subjects ranging from hypnotherapy counselling skills, bereavement workshops and child abuse issues to IT.

Areas of hypnotherapy and counselling expertise

Juliet follows a continued interest in treating clients with cancer using hypnotherapy techniques, have specialised in bereavement care using a combination of therapies and am seeing more and more people for relaxation in childbirth using hypnosis as well as helping those going through IVF treatment.
Contact details for Cambridge Hypnotherapy Clinic

Telephone: 01223 263683
Mobile: 0776 2229500

Juliet is a member of The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. APHP is an exclusive body which maintains directories of hypnotherapists UK and worldwide. It is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of professionalism amongst its members, all of whom are fully covered by hypnotherapist’s professional indemnity insurance and committed to ongoing training.