Hypnotherapy in your own home via Skype

If you cannot travel for work or home reasons – or if life and work keep you constantly on the road – and you have access to broadband internet, why not work with me through Skype? Skype is a free internet tool that allows you to make video telephone calls from any computer that has a webcam.

I have been working with clients through Skype for several years now with great success. You will soon forget that we are talking to each other through a screen and your session will work for you as well as if you were with me in my consulting room. It means that you can meet me without leaving the relaxation and privacy of your own home, or if circumstances take you far away, from your hotel room on the other side of the world: with Skype, it is all the same.

Your Skype session will take place at a time agreed between us beforehand and your time spent working with me on Skype will be as private and protected as though you were with me in person.

For more details of working with me through Skype, get in touch with me via my contact page, email me on julietemerson@gmail.com, or telephone me on 01223 263683/0776 2229500.

If you would like to learn more about Skype, and download it for your own computer, you can visit the company’s site at www.skype.com.