Help For Your Panic Attacks

If you are experiencing the sudden onset of these symptoms, then hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help you:

  • difficulty breathing
  • racing heart
  • chest pain
  • nausea
  • sensations of choking or smothering
  • sweating and shaking
  • intense fear and feelings of impending doom

People looking for help with panic can also experience:

  • depersonalisation: a feeling of being outside your body
  • derealisation: a feeling that the world isn’t real
  • fear of losing control or going mad
  • overwhelming fear of dying

A typical panic attack is something that happens often in your life – often more than once a week. It’ll last for a number of minutes, less often for hours. Sometimes, your panic will be associated with specific situations in your life (here, they are known as cued panic attacks when the association is very strong, or as situationally predisposed attacks when the association is less strong).

Having a panic attack is a frightening experience – some sufferers can think that they are really experiencing a heart attack. Fortunately, panic, though upsetting, is not harmful in itself.

Hypnotherapy for Panic

Panic is all about the mind finding an outlet for powerful emotions that have deeper emotional roots, emotions that remain bottled up for the rest of the time. The attacks themselves are very much the tip of the emotional iceberg – people looking for help with panic also experience anxiety, phobia and low moods. Hypnotherapy for panic treats the whole situation, gently unravelling panic’s origins in your personality, situation, relationships, life experiences, thoughts and beliefs. Because hypnotherapy for panic uses the mind’s own natural mechanisms to resolve emotional experiences and difficulties, hypnotherapy is probably the gentlest, most holistic therapy for panic available today.


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