Effective Modern Smoking Cessation

Modern stop-smoking methods, using hypnosis, psychology, and visualisation are now powerful enough to be effective in one session, after a free initial consultation has established your suitability. It might sound impossible, but by explaining the psychology behind smoking at the beginning of the session and using powerful hypnotic techniques hundreds of smokers have found it easy to quit smoking with me in just one single session. If you are truly committed to giving up you will find the session will motivate and empower you to break the habit of smoking once and for all.

Hypnotherapy – The Crucial Advantage

So you’ve tried giving up on your own, you’ve tried patches and gum, you’ve attended clinics, you’ve substituted sweets for cigarettes… and every time, something has happened, something has come along, and only a cigarette would do. So what is it about hypnotherapy that means it will all be different, this time?

Feeling Stupid to Smoke

One of the things practically all smokers feel is – stupid to smoke. Stupid to stick with a dirty, smelly habit that is likely to destroy their health.

But if we are really honest with ourselves, we have to admit that there are real benefits to be gained from smoking. Smoking helps you socialise. You can make a friend over a cigarette. Cigarettes mark special times, like meals, work breaks, making love. They provide something to do when you are bored. They give you company when you are feeling lonely.

They can help you to relax. They can help you to concentrate. They can help you to scratch that big itch called life. If only a glass of water could do all that for you – if only anything else in life could do all of that for you, so easily! Suddenly, smoking doesn’t look so stupid, does it? If it wasn’t for the health problems it brings, smoking would be a pretty sensible thing to do, wouldn’t it?

Hypnotherapy Squares the Circle

When you give up cigarettes, what you are really giving up is that long list of real, substantial, meaningful psychologically-necessary benefits. And you are getting little back in exchange. Of course, you might not now get lung cancer – in thirty years’ time.

So it’s no surprise that you feel irritable and frustrated, is it? Nor is it a surprise that you have that feeling of “something missing” in your life.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in, and this is why it’s famous for being the best method you could possibly choose for stopping smoking. Because, using the incredible power of hypnotic suggestion, you can be compensated – much, much more than compensated – for the loss of all those powerful psychological benefits that you were getting from smoking.

Stopping Smoking Can Be So Easy

How would you like to:

  • Feel absolutely proud of yourself as a non-smoker, many times a day?
  • Feel absolutely right as a non-smoker, as though you’d always been a non-smoker?
  • Enjoy vastly reduced stress levels in your life?
  • Really feel yourself becoming healthier as a non-smoker?
  • Feel immediately happier and more confident in your life?
  • Have loads of fresh willpower, to help you in any part of your life?

If you could have all of that (and more..), stopping smoking wouldn’t be so difficult, would it? In fact – it would be easy!

Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking because, uniquely amongst all of the available treatments, it recognises that smoking is not about addiction, but about stress-and-reward. In your packed stop-smoking session, we’ll be dealing with the right parts of your life – the real reasons for smoking – and we’ll be using the most powerful tools to deal with them.

What to Expect From Your Hypnotherapy Session

All of this takes place in the comfort and privacy of my consulting room. We’ll start with a free, initial consultation to find out if this approach is right for you. If so, then we’ll return for the smoking cessation session itself. The first and major part of your session is spent talking about you – your life, your concerns, your experience of smoking – and the last 20 minutes are taken up with the hypnotherapy itself, which will be tailored to your personal needs.

Hypnosis itself is a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience. You won’t become unconscious – in fact, you’ll retain full control at all times, but there will be changes. Some people compare the experience of hypnosis to daydreaming. At the end of the session, you’ll be ready to go and enjoy your new life as a non-smoker.


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