Working with Cancer

Inside the Cambridge Hypnotherapy Clinic

Juliet has worked for many years with people who are undergoing either chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both.

When people have cancer they often feel worried, frightened, anxious, vulnerable and stressed. Supplementing traditional chemotherapy or radiotherapy with relaxing hypnotherapy and relaxing hypnosis can be a wonderful help to people at such a difficult time.

Hypnotherapy and cancer
Juliet uses relaxation techniques to boost the immune system, and counselling to help people to come to terms with their condition, with pain, fear and the possibility of death coming sooner rather than later.

The relaxation techniques help people to get back to feeling hopeful. Typically, wounds heal more quickly and energy levels are boosted.

It has been conclusively proven that hypnotherapy/relaxation can boost the immune system by at least 20%. Findings show that the benefit is cumulative and works on the brain and the body.

Articles and research on the mind-body connection.
As the science of psycho-neuro-immunology (the medical connection between mind and body) grows so it becomes clearer that mind and body work together at a molecular level and this is certainly borne out in my experience with these clients.

(For more information on PNI you can contact the Penny Brohn Cancer Care centre which used to be known as the Bristol Cancer Help Centre).

Self help starter pack from the Penny Brohn Cancer Care centre