Therapy Guide

I treat many different physical and emotional symptoms with hypnoanalysis. Many physical symptoms are the result of stress on the mind as well as the body.

I often find that clients who may have come with emotional issues notice that minor and occasionally major physical symptoms disappear as they start to feel better in themselves. Typically people find back pain improving, they find themselves less susceptible to picking up coughs and colds. Allergies and sensitivites to food or other allergens improve and sometimes disappear. It is certainly true that, in part, this is simply because it is easier to cope with small physical symptoms when you feel better in yourself, but it now seems that these conditions really do get better when internal emotional stress is released.

The emotional symptoms I treat are many and varied and include self destructive behaviours such as eating disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, and self harm including cutting and hair pulling. All of these symptoms are manifestations of distress. Some people manifest their distress by taking things out on other people by bullying or violent behaviour. Hypnotherapy and relaxation are capbale of getting right to the bottom of the stress and remove it thereby removing the symptom.

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