Hypnobirthing: Help from first pregnancy right through to labour and childbirth

With the right preparation and support, childbirth can be a time of joy and miracles.

With the right preparation and support, childbirth can be a time of joy and miracles.

Giving birth can be one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life – and it can also be a time of miracles and joy.

Thank you very much for your work with me. I think it really helped me have a wonderful birth. Labour was initially quite slow after the hospital sent me home to relax I was able to listen to you and practice some hypnotherapy. When I returned to hospital a few hours later I was 8cm dilated and gave birth without an epidural on all fours. I was very calm and positive. The midwifes congratulated me and told me it was a beautiful birth.

Hypnosis for childbirth has been used by woman for many years now is the use of hypnotherapy to help you to experience birth in the midst of peace and gentle relaxation. I have been working with women from every background for many years to put them back in control of their fears and anxiety around childbirth. If you have worries about giving birth, or are finding the run-up to childbirth difficult or frightening, or want to explore the possibility of reducing the need for medication during the birth itself, why not explore what hypnobirthing can do for you?

  • severe pain does not have to be part of labour, and neither do drugs
  • hypnotherapy can help enormously with common fears and anxieties around childbirth
  • hypnotherapy can help put yourself back in control
  • hypnotherapy can help you to experience birth surrounded by peace and relaxation
  • reduce the need for medication

Why not get in touch with me to discuss your pregnancy and childbirth support needs and explore what hypnotherapy with me has to offer you? If you would like to discuss your needs, you can get in touch with me via my contact page, email me on julietemerson@gmail.com, or telephone me on 01223 263683/0776 2229500.